A transformati❖e tale told through art

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Art lovers are invited to take an enchanting journey through the clouds of creativity during “On Cloud Nine”, which will take place at River City Bangkok’s RCB Photographer’s Gallery, Charoen Krung 24, from Thursday to Jan 21. This is a solo exhibition by Pazut Wutigornsombatkul, an artist of remarkable abilities who created the endearing character Tuagom, a young chubby boy who views the world through an optimistic lens and radiates warmth, tenderness and an unwavering compassion for those around him. The artist takes Tuagom on an epic journey, venturing beyond the simplicity of his familiar, joyous world. They set out to explore the profound landscapes of solitude, sorrow and the eternal farewell. Along this transformative odyssey, Tuagom’s once familiar world undergoes a timeless metamorphosis as he learns to embrace the complexities of life. The exhibition is influenced by Pazut’s life experiences spanning over 30 years. Throughout this journey, he has encountered myriad narratives, each offering its unique dimensions of joy, hope, disappointment and sorrow. It is during this passage he realised that embracing every emotion, even the ones cast in shadow, is not a negative pursuit but a compass that guides us to truly live a life of genuine happiness. For this show, the artist draws a captivating parallel between human life and the ever-changing canvas of the sky through a collection of 18 meaningful artworks, hoping that they will inspire viewers to discover their own genuine happiness on both sunny and gloomy days.