A good read



Bangkok Post Public Company Limited



The front page of the Post on Saturday was a good one. First, we had an unidentified male Caucasian labelled as a “white man” in a photo caption. PC correct, not. Then we had a group shot of big dogs at the Apec meeting labelled a “family photo”. Dysfunctional family, maybe. Mercifully, there was no awkward group handshaking, which makes all participants grimly struggle with coordination while grinning like embarrassed teens. Lastly, heart-stopping data about the Myanmar earthquake and seismic history in Thailand. We are informed that Lak Si district in Bangkok experienced tremors. This is most curious considering the distance from the epicentre in Myanmar and northern provinces that were affected. The rest of Bangkok or central Thailand were apparently unaffected. However, a geologist could help to explain this anomaly. But, not to complain. It made an entertaining read over breakfast and much-needed relief from war and propaganda. LIONEL BIERS